Who Are we?

We are commited to changing the way people move around our city and cities across Europe. The new normal means fewer people on buses and trains and more people commuting by foot, bike, and scooter. 

I began my love of the electric scooters I changed jobs and cycling was no longer an option due to no access to showers. I drove for a few weeks and began missing being outdoors in the elements. My first scooter was a Xiaomi M365 and i've had many since before settling on the Mercane WideWheel Pro as my current daily driver. All 3 of us at nWES are scooter commuters and are ready to offer you expert advice and support on your new scooter. 

Please look around and get in touch by our customer service page, our chat, or email us at hello@northwestelectricscooters.com or call us on 0161 706 0905

Stay safe!