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We need to talk about range.

We need to talk about range and what those numbers mean from a consumers point of view. If your commute is 10KM and your scooters advertised range is 20KM then you should be able to commute there and back on a single charge right? Maybe but you woulkd have to meet a very specific set of criteria to achieve the manufacturers stated range numbers.

Let me explain. The manufacturers stated range for and electric vehicle is always and absolute best case scenario. Lets take the specs of a new scooter that advertise a range of 85km. To achieve that range you must meeet these requirements

Battery fully charged

75KG payload

25 degrees celcius

Moving at 30 per cent of top speed...

30 percent of 30KPH is around 9KPH and very few people ride scooters at such a speed. Very few people also live in an area that is completely flat. So what does this mean? Are they lying?

No. Because there is no standard way of reporting range the manufacturers give us this best case advice so that we know what to expect and if we can meet the specs outlined about that we could maybe make it a long way by being economical with the battery.

In the real word the range you can expect from an electric scooter is roughly half that which is advertised. I always ride in sport mode and have fun but I get to know the limits of my scooters by using the manufacturers rule of fun to advise myself of what i can expect. We are looking to begin including real world data on our product pages but such comparisons are incredible hard to make with variations in wind speed and temperature making such a big difference in the performance of your scooter.

If you have any comments or ideas for a relatively scientific range test we could include please let us know in the comments.

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